Service Providers Terms of Use

The Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”), Matcha Caring (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a comany that offers Care Support Services (See “Services”).  In order to use the matching site, we set the necessary precautions.

  1. The terms and conditions of use of this service are intended to establish the relationship between the Company and the users of this service.
  2. Service providers must use this service in accordance with the terms of use. This service cannot be used unless you agree to these terms.
  3. These terms and conditions apply to those who provide support services to problems in daily life when using this service (hereinafter referred to as “the service provider”). If a service provider uses this service, it is considered as having agreed to these terms.
  4. Users must confirm and understand that no employment relationship will be formed between the Company and users under any circumstances.
  1. Those who use the Service must use the Service in accordance with the terms of this use. You may not use the Service unless you have valid and irrevocable consent to these Terms.
  2. By actually using this service, it is considered that you have valid and irrevocable consent to these terms.
  3. If there are individual terms of use for this service, the client must use this service in accordance with the terms of use and the terms of the individual terms of use.
  1. These terms apply to any relationship between the service provider and the Company regarding the use of the Services.
  2. The Company may make various provisions (hereinafter referred to as “individual regulations”), such as rules for use, in addition to the Terms, regarding the Service. Regardless of their names, these individual provisions shall constitute part of these Terms.
  3. If the provisions of these terms conflict with the provisions of the individual provisions of the preceding paragraph, the individual provisions shall prevail, unless otherwise specified in the individual provisions.

The services provided by the Company to the Service Provider on the Site are:

A: Provision of profile creation tools and display of profiles on this site.

B: Listing of services that service providers can provide.

C: Acceptance of service application from service requester, acceptance, provision of work time measurement tool.

D: Communication tool with service requester.

E: Transfer of service fee.

F: Providing a review reading and writing tool.

G: Any other tools, which the Company deems necessary.

  1. When using the message tool provided by the Company, the service provider must agree to the content of the message tool to be seen without the user’s prior consent if the company deems it necessary for the proper operation and management of the service.
  2. We may change the content of this service as needed.
  3. If a service contract is concluded between the client and the service provider on this service, we will receive it as a usage fee.
  4. In these Terms of Use, the user shall bear the entire transfer fee for making payment to us by bank transfer.
  1. Those who wish to register on this site should read and agree to the terms and conditions carefully.
  2. The registration procedure can only be performed by the person, and registration by an agent or impersonation is not permitted.
  3. Persons under the age of 18 can not register for this service even with the consent of a legal representative.
  4. We will examine the applicants for registration based on these Terms of Use. When we start posting information on applicants for registration on this site, we assume that we have approved the applicants’ registration application and user registration is complete.
  5. The user meets the registration requirements, and the user’s registration content must be correct, true and up-to-date.
  6. In order to use this service, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their account information is not abused by external parties. We can regard the act used by the registered password as the act of the service provider.
  7. The company can reject the registration if it is judged that the user falls under any of the following, and if any of the following occur after registration. The Company not be liable for any of the related matters without any accountability. The service provider will pledge to use at the time of registration that none of the following apply.

    1. If the registration requirements determined by the Company are not met or are later not met.
    2. When there is a false or incorrect entry or omission in all or part of the registration items or submitted documents provided to us.
    3. When it is determined that the Company fall under anti-social forces or that the Company are cooperating or involved in the maintenance and operation of anti-social forces, etc.
    4. If you have a criminal record.
    5. A person who has violated a contract with us in the past, or has been denied or canceled registration.
    6. If you do or plan on taking actions that may cause harm to others.
    7. When there is no reply for two weeks or more in response to the inquiry to the registered contact (email address, telephone number etc.)
    8. When the same user has registered more than once in this site.
    9. In the case of providing a service that violates the terms of use and the support service specified on this site.
    10. When it is judged that there is a possibility of causing harm or danger to the clients, etc.
    11. When a problem is discovered as a result of the monitoring that we perform for the service provider.
    12. In other cases, where our companies recognize the registration as inappropriate.
  8. The Company will issue a user ID to the registered service provider. The Company can be regarded as the act of the service provider about the act performed using the ID etc. issued to the service provider, and the service provider is responsible for the act. If the service provider finds out that an ID etc. is being used by a third party, the service provider will immediately notify us of this and follow the instructions from our company.
  9. The service provider changes the contents of the registration (including, but not limited to, cancellation of the qualification or license, or suspension of operations using the qualification or license, etc.) As soon as possible, you must change the registration items in accordance with our method.
  10. If an account has not been accessed over one year, we can delete your account without notifying the service providers in advance.
  11. The service provider’s full right to use the service will expire when (for any reason) the account is deleted.
  1. The Service Provider shall use the Service at their own responsibility, and shall be responsible for all responsibility and consequences of the Service.
  2. If the Company find that the service provider is using this service in violation of this contract, the Company  will judge necessary and appropriate.
  3. The service provider may directly or indirectly (in the case of legal fees, etc.) suffer directly or indirectly from the use of this service (including the case where the Company receives a claim from a third party from such use) If you incur a burden, you must immediately compensate this according to the Company’s request.
  1. Anyone who has registered for this site must be responsible for managing the registered schedule. If the service can not be managed, the service can not be used.
  1. Receive a search from a service requester
  2. Within 24 hours of receiving a request from the service requester, the service provider who has received the search must decide whether to accept the request and reply to the service requester. If you do not answer within 24 hours, we will not automatically accept the request.
  3. If a malicious act continues, such as not intentionally answering, the Company will delete the account without the consent of the service provider at our discretion.
  4. Based on the request from the service requester, the service provider responds and the business consignment contract is concluded between the two parties. The Company only offer the opportunity to match each other, not as a contracting party.
  5. Cancellation is not possible after the contract is concluded. In case of cancellation, the Company have to pay a predetermined penalty to us.
  6. The service provider is fully responsible for all matters related to the transaction with the service client (including registration, schedule management, search for desired conditions, cancellation, provision of services, liability for collateral, etc.). In principle, the company does not intervene in troubles between the service provider and the service requester, and the service provider can not ask our company to solve any problems. However, if the Company decides that it needs it for the smooth operation of this service, the Company will be able to intervene in troubles between members.
  7. The Company can delete the service provider’s account that did not work without permission without notifying the requester without notifying the person in advance. In that case, the service provider has to pay the penalty of the Company’s regulation.
  1. The service provider must visit the designated place at the designated date and time and provide the service within the designated time according to the request of the requester on the service.
  2. If you are late for a certain time, such as traffic conditions, you must contact the service requester in advance via phone or via the service’s messaging function.
  3. The service provider and service requester who are parties to the contract shall resolve the damage, loss, etc., troubles caused by provision of service by other service providers or damage caused to the service requester. We will not take any responsibility.
  1. The service provider will be reviewed by the service requester in this service within 48 hours of the completion of the service provision. The requester shall be urged to perform the review on the spot.
  2. Once the service requester has reviewed the service provider as defined in the preceding paragraph, the acceptance of the service provider has been completed, and the provision of the service is considered to be terminated.
  3. Based on the results of the review by the client, if the Company’s  determine that the service provider has not provided the service, the Company can not pay the service provider a fee.
  4. The service provider can not make any objection to the review by the service requester or the determination provided in the previous section by the Company.
  1. The Company will pay the service provider a fee by bank account transfer. (The transfer fee will be borne by the service provider)
  1. The service provider can receive a service request from the service requester and cancel it before accepting it.
  2. A service provider can not cancel a service requester after receiving a service request from the service requester (except when there is an unavoidable reason) after receiving the request. In this case, as a sanction that you canceled, the service provider’s profile will post information about the cancellation directly.
  3. Since the service provider can not basically cancel the service offer after receiving it, please be careful when accepting it. In the case of unavoidable cancellations, sanctions do not occur as follows;
    • When evacuation advisory is given by natural disaster
    • My family’s misery (certificate required)
    • Sudden physical condition (hospital certificate required)
  4. The Company, after the service provider accepts the service request, does not contact the client on the day, pays the penalty for the service provider who did not provide the service without permission, and the service provider in advance. The Company can delete the account without notifying as well.
  1. The service provider shall not share the client’s personal information or any other information of the client, which he or she knew when using or providing the service, to a third party for any reason.
  2. The Company uses the service provider’s personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose of providing the service to the service client.
  3. Other details regarding privacy are as per the privacy policy.

If you have participated in any of the following acts, the Company reserves the right to remove you from the site. 

  1. Act that violates the law
  2. Religious activities
  3. Extremist political activity
  4. Anti-social activities
  5. Obscene purpose
  6. Acts to violate privacy
  7. Abuse slander, any act about defamation
  8. Any discriminatory remarks or discriminatory acts
  9. Spoofing of others.
  10. Direct interaction between service requester and service provider without the use of this service.
  11. Other things that our company deems inappropriate
  1. The Company may change these terms at any time without notifying our service provider in advance if we deem it necessary. The amended Terms and Conditions shall take effect as soon as they are posted at appropriate places in the website operated by the Company. The Service Provider may change the Terms by continuing to use the Services after modification. It shall be deemed that you have valid and irrevocable consent to the later Terms. When using this service, please refer to the latest Terms and Conditions at any time.
  1. The Company strives for the safe operation of this service, but if the service provider suffers damage due to interruption, stoppage or termination of operation, the Company shall be exempted and bear no responsibility.
  2. The Company is not liable for any damage caused to the service provider.
  3. The Company make no warranties, express or implied, that this service is virtually or legally free. The Company has no obligation to service providers to remove such defects and to provide this service.
  1. These Terms of Use are to be interpreted in accordance with Canadian law.
  1. By displaying on this site, the Company will notify service providers of necessary matters as appropriate. The service provider may notify the service provider of necessary matters by sending an email to the email address registered beforehand.
  2. The notice in paragraph 1 is considered to be effective when it is displayed on this site from the time of display (when it is notified by sending an email, the point of sending an email). In addition, the service requester shall appropriately read the notice from our company by the display of this site or the transmission of an email.
  3. The service requester can contact us by sending an inquiry form on a website operated by us or by a method specified by us.

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