Japanese Elderly / Senior Care Services Support

Life support, accompanied hospital visits, walking / transportation support (getting on and off from bus/car, conversation partner

Target Age Range: 65+ years of age and older

With increasing age, elders become physically and mentally frail and become unable to do things they were able to do.

We support an active lifestyle (to whatever level they can achieve, including exercise) so that we can minimize or slow down their loss in functioning. We have the perspective of providing individual services which takes the form of having them maintain their abilities and supporting only what they are unable to do.

We want our clients to live physically, mentally, and socially through receiving our services and support.

Sample Use Cases

Preparing meals, cleaning, laundry, etc.

“I want help in cleaning, laundry, and cooking services for 3 hours, once a week.”

Joint hospital visits

“I have a hard time hearing when they tell me instructions at the hospital”.

“I am very forgetful and can not remember what they told me”.

“I don’t understand unless they explain in Japanese”.

“I need someone to accompany me to the hospital once a week for 3 hrs”.


“I want someone they can talk to”.

“I want to go to a café and have a good time conversing with someone”.

“Our family wishes that someone can take our mother outside so she can spend a good time”.

Seeking information

“I want to know about the local events”.

“I want to know how to go to an event”.

These are just a few of the many possible situations. We wish to provide support for any elder support requests you may have.

Please Contact Us

We would love to consult about any insecurities, worries, and troubles you may have and help solve those to achieve fulfilment and happiness. We are determined to do this by providing a custom-made service based on each unique individual.