Japanese Special Needs Caregiver Support

Anyone requiring special needs care, support for daily life, support to take them outside (and on vacations), family support, support for the siblings of the disabled child.

Target Age Range: 0 to 64 years old

We will provide support at their home or at a place where they are used to going. Therefore, we would like to support in such a manner that the child (or person) with the disability can hope to become independent and live in their own way.

We believe that we should not give them special treatment, nor spoil them excessively just because of their disability. Instead, we want to promote support which involves telling them what is “good” and “bad” so they can live within society. For all this to happen, we want to create an environment which is unlikely to cause too many problems for the child (or person) and only give them the required amount of support.

  • In addition, we will make it a regular routine to properly evaluate a child’s (or person’s) improper behaviour and come up with a countermeasure so they will not repeat this again.
  • Praise them for each thing they are able to do, and do not force them to do things they are weak in, but instead support them.
  • Support them so they will slowly overcome the feeling of being unable to do something. Certain disabilities no longer become a disability when the environment is changed.

We will make an environment and society where their strengths can grow and weaknesses can be covered for.

Sample Cases

Listen attentively

Children (our child) like to talk. However, the family is usually busy and find it difficult to spend a large amount of time listening to them. The provider will go to their house and will converse with them until they are satisfied.

“We want someone to come in for 3 hours and continuously listen to them.”

Go on a walk together

To walk safely together to a park so they can play with their friends.

3 hours, keeping an eye on them, speaking to them, support them only when needed.

Let them do what they want to

Child: “I want to see the toys at a toy store.”

4 hours, support by keeping an eye on them, talking to them, and supporting when needed so they are able to have a fulfilling time.

These are just a few of many possible situations. We can provide support for most if not all Special Care requests you may have.

*For those who do not need regular medical support and attention

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