Japanese Household Support and Cleaning Services

House Cleaning, laundry, folding the laundry, tidying, shopping, cooking, meals made and fridged, making snacks, planning and setting up for a party, changing the sheets, sorting and disposing.

Target Audience: No Restrictions

We will provide a Japanese home cleaning or household support  service of your request at your house. Support methods will vary depending on the household. It is possible to request a specific service for each family situation.

Sample Use Cases

For a male living in downtown by himself

“I want to take cleaning, laundry, and cooking services for 3 hours, once a week.”

Dual income couple

“Work is very busy for both of us, so we would like to request for everything around the household.

We want someone that can come in 3 times a week, for 4 hours each time. Of the 12 hours we want 3 hours to be spent on cleaning, meals made and fridged for 3 hours, and the rest of the time spent on laundry, shopping, dish washing, etc.”

Sorting and Disposing

“We have too many things in the house. I can not sort everything out by myself. I have too many clothes and toys that need organizing. We want someone to help for 3 days, and 5 hours each day.”


“I don’t want to do anything today. I want everything done around the house.” “Please come in today for 8 hours.”

These are just a few of many possible situations. We can provide support for most if not all household requests you may have.

*We do not accept handling of dangerous objects and servicing of high places.

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We would love to consult about any insecurities, worries, and troubles you may have and help solve those to achieve fulfilment and happiness. We are determined to do this by providing a custom-made service based on each unique individual.