MatchaCaring Matching Services

We look forward to matching you up with the perfect caregiver for your needs.

Here’s How Our Matching Services Works:

Free initial 30 min consultation (overview of our process, steps, expectations, and deliverables. You can decide on “fit” and compatibility with our company).

This is a no-obligation meeting.

Needs consultation: $200 *Non-refundable. We begin a deep dive into your specific needs, requests, and expectations for caregivers and services.

This is the first step towards finding a potential caregiver that meets your needs.

Initial Recommendations and Summary sent to the client.

Additional consultation for $50/every 30min *Non-refundable.

If requested by the client to dive deeper into specific care needs for customized services.

Arrange 1 to 3 caregiver candidates based on service needs.

MatchaCaring will provide qualification documentation and skills overview for each caregiver candidate. Client will choose the caregivers to be interviewed.

MatchaCaring arranges interviews.

Client can select a candidate and if a match is found, a Statement of Work will be written and arrangements are made to proceed.

If the Client is dissatisfied with the candidates, they can choose to not go forward OR MatchaCaring can be instructed to provide new candidates.

Statement of Work signed.

Services are provided. Invoices will be sent every 15 days.

This Organization is a Company for Both Our Customers and Family Care Service Providers