Emergency Services

Japanese Emergency Support Service

People who suddenly need support with emergency, urgent matter for family, sudden illness in family, and other reasons.

Target Audience: No Restrictions

*We can not provide support for anyone who needs continued medical attention.

We will provide support for the family when the regular provider needs to suddenly go out or is suddenly busy with urgent matter.

Sample Use Cases

Urgent babysitting

“The parents suddenly need to go out on urgent matter. We need someone to take care of the two children on short notice.”

Require 6 hours of support.

Special circumstances

“My father fell ill and can not move, and my mother is on a business trip. Need help to prepare lunch for three children, help with commute to school, preparing snacks, helping with homework, preparing meals, etc.”

Require 8 hours of support.

These are just a few of the many possible situations. We wish to provide support for any emergency support requests you may have.

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We would love to consult about any insecurities, worries, and troubles you may have and help solve those to achieve fulfilment and happiness. We are determined to do this by providing a custom-made service based on each unique individual.