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A premier private home care match-making service that matches you with Japan-trained custom home caregiver services providers.

Remote Support Through Zoom Sessions

During these turbulent times, MatchaCaring is offering remote tutoring, calligraphy(習字), yoga and other private services. Please reach out!

Standard Japanese Home Support Services

Choose a service from a list of categories and find a Japanese caregiver service provider who meets the criteria you are searching for.

Once selected, you can contact the Japanese caregiver service provider directly about the job description. Make detailed requests about the service and customize it based on your needs.

For All Life Stages and Lifestyles

Our aim is to improve your quality of life by providing complete Japanese-style custom caregiver services with attention and care.

Need White Glove Service?

We offer premium and fully customized attention to you.

If you feel uncomfortable using web services and are looking to save time, provide us with a list of conditions you wish to be fulfilled and we will find a Japanese home care provider who matches those exact criteria.


Child Care Support

Situations Where We Can Help:
  • “We are both working and just so busy and we need someone to drive our kids to school and other lessons”.
  • “We want to hire a nanny for a bilingual household and we want our nanny to speak in both Japanese and English”.
  • “Our kids have tests coming up and we need to give them some tutoring support.”


Elderly Care Support

Situations Where We Can Help:
  • “We want someone to help come take care of our older parents”.
  • “They tend to stay indoors so we want someone to take them outside”.
  • “We want someone they can talk to”.
  • “We want someone to help manage their meals”.
  • “We want someone to clean their house”.
  • “We want to go on a vacation with them and would like someone that can come along with us to help them in many ways”.


Support for the Disabled

Situations Where We Can Help:
  • “Something urgent came up and we want someone that can take care of our child to come look after them”.
  • “We want someone to take them outside”.
  • “We want someone that can lend a helping hand to go on a vacation that we thought we can no longer go to”.


Household Support

Situations Where We Can Help:
  • “I have no time to make meals but I’m tired of eating out”.
  • “I want a week’s worth of nutritionally balanced meals made and fridged”.
  • “I’m busy with work and want someone to come over once a week to clean”.
  • “I want to spend more time with the family, so I want someone that can take care of everything (or some parts) around the household”.

These are just a few of many possible situations. Use the website to find a Japanese caregiver that may match your needs.

Why We Started MatchaCaring: To Build Connections

You can say that it’s like that feeling when you drink matcha… a blissful moment. A connection.

A MatchaCaring Client’s Perspective

Our Japanese clients have told us that they feel most comfortable receiving home care services from a Japanese service provider.

From a cultural advantage, it’s like the warmth from a “hearty bowl of miso soup.” It makes them feel at home, at ease.

From a language perspective, our client’s have said: “I can speak English but would feel more comfortable speaking in Japanese as it allows me to make detailed requests with very little stress.”

I want to use caregiver services easily and comfortably.

A Japanese Service Provider’s Perspective

As a Japanese caregiver service provider, I want to take advantage of the skills and experiences I have cultivated in child care, elder care, and education.

I want to take advantage of my professional licenses earned in Japan which helped me to develop my career. (Babysitting, certified care worker, nursing, physical therapists, occupational therapists, hair styling, teaching license, nutritionist, licensed cook, etc)

*Your qualifications earned in Japan may not apply in Canada, but we want you to find a job where you can use that same knowledge and experience.”

I want to have peace of mind and enjoy a satisfying career.

MatchaCaring was borne of the vision in connecting high-quality Japanese caregiver service providers with clients that are most comfortable in an environment that feels like home.

Please Contact Us

We would love to consult about any insecurities, worries, and troubles you may have and help solve those to achieve fulfilment and happiness. We are determined to do this by providing a custom-made service based on each unique individual.