Home Tutoring

In Home Tutoring Services

Languages, mathematics, Japanese, English, instruments, calligraphy, sports, computers by Japanese service providers.

Target Audience: From 1 years old and older

At the student’s home (or other places met in agreement), we will give guidance with homework administered in school, test preparation, accent reduction, reading and writing, calculations, entrance exam, and effective study methods.

Sample Use Cases

We would like to create and achieve goals for each individual child by learning their situation and aims in their academic career.

Two types of support in general: Strict or Kind

Test preparation support

To motivate a child into studying

Suggestions for effective study methods

Increase (or decrease) the amount of work they administer

Respond with messages (i.e. texting) when child has questions (additional charges may apply)

These are just a few of many possible situations. We can provide support for most if not all home tutoring requests you may have.

Please Contact Us

We would love to consult about any insecurities, worries, and troubles you may have and help solve those to achieve fulfilment and happiness. We are determined to do this by providing a custom-made service based on each unique individual.